GStreamer Conference 2011 videos

The videos of the presentations given at the GStreamer Conference from last month in Prague are finally available online! So if you missed the conference, you can still catch all the interesting talks on video. Thanks to the great work of Ubicast who used a GStreamer-based system for capturing the videos and slides, and it looks awesome!

I gave a presentation in which I introduced two libraries : GstFilters and FsUtils.

Both libraries are  convenience libraries that sit on top of Gstreamer and Farstream respectively, and they should make your lives much easier. I discussed them a bit before in a blog post, but now you can see the full talk with all the details and explanation.

Here’s a link to the conference talks : 

And a link to my presentation about GstFilters and FsUtils : 


5 thoughts on “GStreamer Conference 2011 videos

  1. WTF, Ubicast is non-free!! Its utter bullshit that a free software conference about multimedia is not recorded using free software.

    • Of course the Ubicast solution is not free, you pay for the hardware, the high definition camera, the sound system and the software that does the editing, the head tracking, the streaming, etc..
      The Nokia N9 is using all free software, but it doesn’t mean you get the phones for free.
      And the GStreamer conference was recorded using GStreamer, I don’t see an issue with that.

  2. No, our full solution is not free software. Nor are Axis cameras, Tandberg telepresence solutions, Barco multiscreen solutions, Oblong Industries products, etc… Which all make use of gstreamer.

    Most of our gstreamer-related stuff is free though, touchscreen interface framework, metadata format, etc…

    Gstreamer is an industrial framework, under LGPL license, don’t be surprised if all of the hardware manufacturers don’t free their software just because they are using a free software component. Rather than ranting you could as well be thankful that companies use, improve and sponsor it in real life products.

    Also, if you really wanted to film a free software conference with 100% a FLOSS system, you would only have one choice left for the camera: Elphel cameras. I don’t know any 100% free audio device, nor computer capture hardware. Filming a free software conference with a firewire camcorder would imply that you use the proprietary firmware that the camcorder is using.

    And, btw, one of the 2 rooms were filmed using an Elphel camera (the other one, with an Axis camera which uses gstreamer), videos are available in HTML5 and freely downloadable under a CC license. It would indeed be a shame if the content itself was not free.


    • Hi Florent!

      Don’t worry about it, I get a lot of trolls on my blog, they should just be ignored usually 🙂
      Awesome answer though, keep up the good work 🙂

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    The only things that I checked was add new icons to the XMB Game category and add a custom message to the New Features installation screen.
    Do you think it is safe to update a new ps3 slim with official firmware 3.60? Congratulations for the excellent work you have done
    the ofw is 4.00!!! thank wou very mutch in advance!!!!

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