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Eleganz release for Cobra ODE

Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since I last blogged. Today I have some exciting news for you, as I have ported Eleganz, my homebrew manager, to the Cobra ODE. A little while ago, I tweeted that if Cobra ever … Continue reading

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Eleganz: The Elegant Homebrew Manager

Hi everyone, Last year, in January, I decided to have some fun and write a homebrew application using the EFL libraries. I decided to work on a homebrew manager.. basically a replacement to the XMB. It went really well, and … Continue reading

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How the ECDSA algorithm works

To popular demand, I have decided to try and explain how the ECDSA algorithm works. I’ve been struggling a bit to understand it properly and while I found a lot of documentation about it, I haven’t really found any “ECDSA … Continue reading

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Status update on the PS3 4.0 HEN

Here’s a “quick” status update on the 4.00 HEN (Homebrew ENabler) for PS3. Following my clarifications from almost 2 months ago here, there has been a lot of progress. We have not been slacking off, we’re a group of about … Continue reading

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Clarifications about 3.73 (and 4.0) “jailbreak”

Update: I tested the jailbreak on the latest firmware 4.0 since it was released and I can confirm that it still works. Hi all, I’ve been flooded with questions on twitter and I’ve read many posts on news sites and … Continue reading

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Eskiss for PS3 with PS Move support

Hi all, I’m releasing Eskiss with Move support and I think the instructions on how  to use it require a bit more than what twitter allows (from my usual small updates). You can download here the Eskiss package for PS3 … Continue reading

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Programming, Open Source, Hacking and Greedy Corporations

I’m a programmer, a developer, a hacker. I’m mostly involved with the Open Source community and I try to promote open source development as much as I can. Unfortunately, most of the time when I tell someone that I’m a … Continue reading

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The Humble Homebrew Collection

Finally, after almost 2 months of hard work, I’m proud and happy to announce the release of the Homebrew game I’ve been working on : SGT Puzzles. It’s a collection of portable puzzle games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, PocketPC, … Continue reading

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PS3IDA Released!

It’s been a while since my last post! A lot has been happening lately, I’ve mostly kept my followers updated on what’s new through my Twitter account, but I think that this deserves a post of its own! I’ve  been … Continue reading

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PS3: First ‘Custom Firmware’ now working!

Update: I’ve now fixed the issue about the missing game data icons. PS3-Hacks.com has a nice step-by-step tutorials and they posted the PUP files. Update 2: DO NOT try to install this from the service mode, it might brick your … Continue reading

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