Exquisite tool becomes a library!

The exquisite tool that comes with Enlightenment is a nice, pure edje application that is used for showing boot process splash screens. I thought it was a nice splash screen and more generally, a nice progress bar and wanted to use it in my own apps.

I have modified the exquisite tool to become a library so it can be used by others in their applications, while keeping the exquisite and exquisite-writer tools intact (they will now depend on libexquisite.so though).

Since it’s a very simple feature (only a couple hundred lines of code), the API is simple as well. Here’s an example of use :

  1.   Evas_Object *obj = exquisite_object_add (evas, theme);
  2.   evas_object_show (obj);
  4.   exquisite_object_title_set (obj, "Title of the screen");
  5.   exquisite_object_message_set (obj, "My Message");
  7.   int test_id = exquisite_object_text_add (obj, "First test");
  8.   int second_test = exquisite_object_text_add (obj, "Second text!");
  9.   exquisite_object_status_set (obj, test_id, "FAIL", EXQUISITE_STATUS_TYPE_FAILURE);
  10.   exquisite_object_status_set (obj, second_test, "OK", EXQUISITE_STATUS_TYPE_SUCCESS);
  12.   exquisite_object_pulsate (obj);
  13.   exquisite_object_progress_set (obj, 0.95);

That’s it, and you get a nice screen with title, message, text area for status messages (if you want it), and a progress bar. This also means you can use the default theme from exquisite or write your own using the same theme specification which can later on be used by others.

Please review the API provided, and this is the right time to suggest any changes to the API or to improve on the library, so let us know what you think!

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6 Responses to Exquisite tool becomes a library!

  1. Charlie says:

    Very Clever keep up the good work 😀

  2. Cesar says:

    Very nice work indeed

  3. lordN says:

    Awesome work man….. Am waiting for your hen .. keep it up.. a big salute

  4. Mig says:

    To bad i dont understand.
    Thats why we love you guys.
    No Homo

  5. gio says:


    where i could found this library?



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