The aMSN team donates to the EFF

Thanks to the ads that we have displayed on the aMSN website, the aMSN Team was able to gain a bit of money and we decided to donate part of that revenue to the EFF.

The EFF is a donation-funded nonprofit organization that defends our digital rights, helps promote net neutrality and raises questions about our privacy and our rights as consumers of the Internet. It fights for us in court and helps protect the digital world from big corporations who do not care about their consumers. The EFF also has a “Coder’s Rights project”  that defend developers like us.

The aMSN Team has  just donated 2500$ to the EFF and we are glad to help them in their fight. We encourage everyone to help this cause, since we are all benefiting from their hard work and maybe it’s time for us, as Internet consumers, to give back to them.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The aMSN Team.

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6 Responses to The aMSN team donates to the EFF

  1. Sebas; says:

    Wow! That’s awesome 🙂

  2. Lord971 says:

    Good job The aMSN Team ^^

  3. constanton says:

    Nice gesture! Thanks for the software too and keep up the good work.

  4. Viktor says:

    4 KaKaRoTo
    Thanks for the help,man. Right now i have a fully working ps3 with ur firmware! I need to say to thank u here because… – This webpage has a redirect loop – so i cant access it.

  5. On behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I’d like to thank the aMSN Team for your generosity! We were pleased to hear that you used your good fortune to help EFF defend online rights. It seems that the positive mojo of open source works exponentially. Cheers and Happy New Year!
    -Aaron Jue, EFF Membership Coordinator

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