GStreamer: GstFilters to be (hopefully) merged into gst-plugins-base

Today is the day of the Gstreamer Conference 2010 in Cambridge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend, but I thought I’d share a little something about the things I’ve done on GStreamer, as part of my work for Collabora.

If you remember my last post about Fsu, I talked about how you could use the FsuFilterManager and FsuFilter  classes to create some really cool GStreamer applications that can modify the pipeline dynamically, using a minimum amount of code and a very easy to use API. There was a lot of interest to this during last GUADEC and I decided to move the code from Farsight into Gstreamer itself. The FsuFilter* objects are independent of Farsight, and can be useful to a lot of people, so there was no reason to keep them there.

I have ported the code from Farsight into gst-plugins-base and renamed the FsuFilter* classes into GstFilter* and made it into a libgstfilters library. I opened a bug report on Gnome’s bugzilla asking for my branch to be merged into gst-plugins-base. I would appreciate it if everyone interested in this could have a look, review the code if possible, mainly review the API and try to use it. I’d like to make sure that the API is stable, feature complete and easy to use for everyone, so if you have any complaints about it, feel free to comment on the bugzilla so I can fix it and hopefully get cleaner/better code merged upstream soon!

You can find the built gtk-doc of the GstFilters library here.

Update: To clear any possible misunderstandings, the GstFilters library hasn’t been accepted yet into gst-plugins-base. So far, I’ve only opened a bug report and hopefully, after it gets reviewed, it might get accepted into -base (or not). I’d just like to get people to comment on the API and help me improve it.


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5 Responses to GStreamer: GstFilters to be (hopefully) merged into gst-plugins-base

  1. xat says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong; this reminds me of the underpinnings of a frameserver framework i.e. Avisynth. So devs now have an easy to use API for creating something like video editors or media players with filter support under GStreamer.

    Also, was this intentional in the gtk-doc? In GstVideoconverterFilter:
    “Returns :
    A new GstAudioconverterFilter”

  2. kakaroto says:

    Humm, I don’t really know what AviSynth does, GStreamer itself allows for creating video editors/players with filters, but what this does is basically make it easier.
    Thanks for finding that error in the gtk-doc. I’ll fix it!

  3. mehdi says:

    Hey Kakaroto,
    Sorry if my comment isn’t worth posting but just wanted to congratulate you for all those efforts , and you especially when I knew you were moroccan just like me ! wow what a shock


  4. roger says:

    So…any update?

    • kakaroto says:

      there’s been a few exchanges, some code reviewed, some fixes done, but it’s not merged it. You could have a look at it and comment in the bug report if you want.

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