Hi everyone,

As promised, here’s an update on my implementation of the PSJailbreak exploit : IT WORKS!

I made a video to show you, but I suck at making videos, so we can’t really see what’s going…  I’ll do a better one tomorrow.

It’s 9:30 AM here, and I really need to go to sleep, I’ll post more about this tomorrow, and I’ll release the code tomorrow for everyone to enjoy, compile, contribute, read, laugh at, etc…

So here’s the binary release of PSFreedom (thanks to xnt14 for the name) : PSFreedom driver

I would like to thank 3 people in particular who helped me, encouraged me and helped debug with me : NTAuth, philhug and phire (a.k.a phiren) from EFNet.

So here’s how it works.. download the .tar.gz, extract it, copy the files to your n900 (with scp, into /root), then ssh into your N900 and type : ./psfreedom-enable.sh

Then you can follow the usual procedure, unplug the PS3 from power, plug in the N900, connect the power to the PS3, then press power and *quickly* press the eject button… Then just let  the magic happen!

Once you’re done or want to revert back to the normal operation mode of the N900 (or to charge it) run the command ./psfreedom-disable.sh

In the future, we’ll have a nice package to install, a GUI application, I’ll make use of the LEDs  to show you the status of what it’s doing, and i’ll have it auto-revert to mass storage mode, so you can use your N900 not only to enable homebrew but also to store your homebrew!

See you tomorrow! Good night!


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177 Responses to PSFreedom (Jailbreak PS3 with N900) worked, finished and released!

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  2. kel says:

    will this work with a N95?

  3. Elber says:

    psfreedom for nokia n95. please Kakarot. many people would appreciate.

  4. John says:

    please do it on symbian it would be great!!!

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  6. shamot says:

    Please check out http://kilian.no-ip.org/~shamot/PsFreedom800/ for PsFreedom package prepared for Nokia N800

  7. kakaroto says:

    @shamot: there is no need for that, it already works on the N800 and N810, check the wiki http://wiki.psfreedom.com/wiki/Nokia_N800

  8. Clockwork says:

    do it for Sony Errricson W560 too pls

  9. shawn says:

    will this ever be released for the iphone4 ? what about a Motorola backflip ?

  10. Cami Friesz says:

    Great Post, thanks for this useful Post. I will come back later . Great information about ps3 hack: PS3 Hack

  11. z3r0 says:

    imho, i dont think it will happen on n95 simply because it doesnt operate on linux. All the stuff developed so far has been linux based which is why n900 is able to be used as a jb medium.

  12. Domo says:

    Jailbreak with iphone and ipod touch.

  13. ari says:

    psgroove can install a Sansa Fuze or Sansa Clip

  14. fernando says:

    Gracias por todo men… una pregunta… esto funciona con fimware 3.41 y yo tengo el FW 3.50… que puedo hacer ?

  15. ismael says:

    hi.my ps3 is version 3.42…it doesnt work.any reason y?heardi must downgrade it

  16. silent says:

    kakaroto when you release Spoof 3.41 to 3.50 Payload! for n900

  17. hugo says:

    Please can some one help me ,
    i have downgrade my ps3 with my N900
    but now i am stuck in factory mode
    how do i return to normal mode,

  18. ruslan says:

    mate please help me i have n900 and ps3 3.50 version im stuck i cant downgrade my ps3 with psfreedom i do everything like people write please help explain what to do.

  19. phil says:

    hi my ps3 is version 2.75…it doesnt work.any reason ? I need to update? what version ?

    help me

  20. Gino says:

    Will this also allow my 3.55 to boot into recovery-mode so I can install a CFW?

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