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GObject generator for Emacs

Hi All, I recently ┬áhad to create many classes and as everybody knows, writing classes with GObject is quite annoying.. it involves a lot of copy/paste and a lot of search&replace. So I’ve searched and I (actually my colleague, Olivier) … Continue reading

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Who’s the bastard ?

Update : I’m putting this update at the start so people can see it… I’m tired of repeating the same thing over and over again, so I’ll make this clear once and for all : I *never* said that Alvaro … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code Participation

Hello fellow developers and aMSN enthusiasts! As some of you might know, this year again, we’d like to participate in the Google Summer of Code program. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get aMSN as an organization, but, just like previous years, we … Continue reading

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