Adding reliability to libnice

On February 8, 2010, in Development, libnice, by kakaroto

Hey all,

First news I’d like to share is about libnice!

I’ve been working lately on adding reliability to libnice. This means that you could be using libnice as a reliable socket.. This is accomplished using some form of TCP over UDP, which is compatible with google’s libjingle implementation.

The API doesn’t change much, you only need to call nice_agent_new_reliable, and there’s a new signal ‘reliable-transport-writable’ in case you fill in the internal buffer and nice_agent_send starts returning -1. That’s all!

I know a lot of people were waiting for a reliable transport with libnice. I’ve discussed with many people during GCDS and most of them said that they’d like to see some kind of TCP over UDP in libnice, so I’m happy to say that I finally got around to doing it.

I also decided to make this TCPoUDP algo into its own GObject and make it available through libnice, which means that you could use the TCPoUDP implementation directly yourself, outside of libnice, in your own applications, if you ever wanted to!

Expect this new exciting feature to become available to you in the next release of libnice!


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